Hello, I am Mirjam

Welcome to my portfolio 

Hello, I am Mirjam

Welcome to my portfolio 

I am a highly motivated, self-taught developer. Currently I am working as a Software Developer at cosee in Darmstadt leaning heavily on the Frontend side and build modern web applications inReactJS.

Profil picture Mirjam
Profil picture Mirjam

At the age of eleven I started programming on my Schneider CPC 464 in Locomotive BASIC. Programming has been a hobby ever since, mostly web development. In 2017 I started to work as a Frontend Developer at the agency I was working as a Office Manager prior. Also, I worked as a dogtrainer for almost nine years, focusing mostly on training for dogs with behavior issues.

I am a member of the Techettes Frankfurt, a local community in the Rhine-Main region that supports women in the technology sector. Also I am organizer of the ReactJS Girls Frankfurt meetup.

love working with dedicated people, write reliable and maintainable code and learn how to become a better programmer – every day. Since I started my career, I developed a special love for JavaScript. 

What I enjoy most in coding is to strive for perfection: Writing tests and see them pass. Plan, organize and improve the software architecture of my projects. Fixing bugs if that means I can refactore code. Clean up, optimize and then delete some code.

My projects

In my free time I like to work on some side projects, often related to programming and the developer community in general.

  • Guest lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt
    Since 2018 I'm giving guest lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt on the Faculty of Media, teaching students about the basics of web development: HTML and CSS.
  • Conference Buddy
    Work in progress. Conference Buddy provides a platform to find companions for tech conferences. It's for everyone who wants to attend a tech conference but doens't feel comfortable going alone.
  • Kerker
    Work in progress. React App to save with trezor encrypted notes in Dropbox. I'm contributing the Frontend part.
  • Brunch with Bootstrap 4 in my favored SCSS setup
    Brunch.io setup with Bootstrap 4 and ES6. It uses a specific setup and structure for my Bootstrap and SCSS in this repo. It's my currently favored setup for small to medium projects.
  • Snek Game
    A clone of the old Nokia game snake. Built in plain JavaScript.
  • hundetrainer-barcamp.de
    Site build with Middleman, using Haml. My first project with Bootstrap. Beside building the website, I created this first barcamp for dogtrainers and organized it two years.
  • cavecani.de and caneami.de
    Both old Wordpress sites (2011), still up and running, though a bit outdated in the look. I built the templates by myself based on HTML5 Boilerplate which was fairly new then. Also built a simple event plugin using custom post types that is still in use.

My articles

As an avid reader I use - beside lots of books - resources like Medium, Twitter and various newsletters to learn new things and keep up with trends. I profit so much from all the knowlege other coders share - often for free! So I try to contribute too.

My talks

Thanks to a supportive community I got into speaking on events very early. And while the first time felt really stresful, it went well and I even had a bit of fun. So I did it again    After I survied my first talk and got first hand experiences how nice and welcoming the audience is, I'm open to speak at more events, so, feel free to contact me about that.

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February 7, 2019

"Component-based CSS"

Talk at c't >webdev> in Cologne

Slides for this talk

github repository with examples and links for further reading

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November 29, 2018

"Lightning Talks - Unit Testing in Frontend." (german)

Lightning Talk at Cosee TechTalks

Slides for this talk

Video recording of the talk (german)

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November 10, 2018

"Everybody needs somebody" (english)

Lightning Talk at DACHfest in Munich

Video recording of the talk (english)

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May 8, 2018

"My approach to a component-based CSS"

Meetup Techettes Frankfurt

Slides for this talk

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March 10, 2018

"Component-based CSS"

Developer Camp 2018 in Würzburg

Slides for this talk

Profil picture Mirjam
Impression of my Techettes talk.