Hello, I am Mirjam

Welcome to my portfolio 

Hello, I am Mirjam

Welcome to my portfolio 

I am a highly motivated, self-taught developer. Currently I am working as a Software Developer at cosee in Darmstadt leaning heavily on the Frontend side and build modern web applications in ReactJS.

Profil picture Mirjam
Profil picture Mirjam

At the age of eleven I started programming on my Schneider CPC 464 in Locomotive BASIC. Programming has been a hobby ever since, mostly web development. In 2017 I started to work as a Frontend Developer at the agency I was working as a Office Manager prior.

I am a member of the Techettes Frankfurt, a local community in the Rhine-Main region that supports women in the technology sector.

love working with dedicated people, write reliable and maintainable code and learn how to become a better programmer – every day. Since I started my career, I developed a special love for JavaScript. 

What I enjoy most in coding is to strive for perfection: Writing tests and see them pass. Plan, organize and improve the software architecture of my projects. Fixing bugs if that means I can refactore code. Clean up, optimize and then delete some code.

My projects

  • Conference Buddy
    Work in progress. Conference Buddy wants to provide a place to find companions for tech conferences. It aims to be for everyone who wants to attend a tech conference but doens't feel comfortable going alone.
  • Kerker
    Work in progress. React App to save with trezor encrypted notes in Dropbox. I'm contributing the Frontend part.
  • Brunch with Bootstrap 4 in my favored SCSS setup
    Brunch.io setup with Bootstrap 4 and ES6. It uses a specific setup and structure for my Bootstrap and SCSS in this repo. It's my currently favored setup for small to medium projects.
  • Snek Game
    A clone of the old Nokia game snake. Built in plain JavaScript.
  • hundetrainer-barcamp.de
    Site build with Middleman, using Haml. My first project with Bootstrap. Beside building the website, I created this first barcamp for dogtrainers and organized it two years.
  • cavecani.de and caneami.de
    Both old Wordpress sites (2011), still up and running, though a bit outdated in the look. I built the templates by myself based on HTML5 Boilerplate which was fairly new then. Also built a simple event plugin using custom post types that is still in use.


As an avid reader I use - beside lots of books - resources like Medium, Twitter and various newsletters to learn new things and keep up with trends. I profit so much from all the knowlege other coders share - often for free! So I try to contribute too.


After a few sleepless nights I gave my first first tech talk in March 2018   Not only did I survive, I even had fun. So I did it again.

Startscreen slide
March 10, 2018

"Component-based CSS"

Developer Camp 2018 in Würzburg

Startscreen slide
May 8, 2018

"My approach to a component-based CSS"

Meetup Techettes Frankfurt

Profil picture Mirjam
Impression of my Techettes talk.